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Alberto Vargas

Source : Alberto Vargas

Every photo shoot we strive to do better than the last. We review our work and make notes for improvements. We compete against ourselves to deliver a better product!

If one searches for "boudoir photographers," they'll typically find results such as all female staff, all female studio, female photographer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that...unless thats you're only selling point. Its to the point where its made to seem as boudoir, pin-up, and glamour photography is exclusively the amateur world perhaps......not in the professional world. Many of our counterparts do not accept male clients either. Capital Boudoir does not discriminate against a client and have worked with clients of all shapes, sizes, orientations, religions, colors, etc...etc...etc

We understand there is a comfort issue for some. We recommend and allow our clients to bring friends for moral support to our studio! Ultimately everyone ends up having fun, even the spectating friends! We hope our potential clients see us for our professionalism and ability to deliver a service, not for our gender or sexual preference....which has nothing to do with our profession. Personally when searching for a service provider ranging from a doctor to a mechanic to service my motorcycle.... I look for the provider who has the best ratings, best service, and lets face it the best bang for my buck!

Males are not new to this genre of photography. Some of the greats of this industry include Gil ElvgrenMax and Alberto VargasRolf Armstrong. Their work and style are classics that have been syndicated around the world over and over again!

In the past we had a female colleague, and we may have another female photographer in the future. However if we do bring on a female partner, it will not be solely because she is a female, we believe being female does not automatically qualify a photographer as a boudoir photographer nor give them the required experience automatically. Being male does not automatically qualify us as good mechanics, truck drivers, or any other profession associated with being masculine.As with any other job, we've put in lots of time on the job, studied our craft, and continue to perfect our craft!

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